About us

Synth Restore was founded in 1997 at The Music Centre in Bedford, and offically became an online presence in 2000 under the wing of Compton Audio Ltd.

Since 2002 Synth Restore has been trading at the premises of Harpur Street, Bedford, in the UK.
Over those years we've seen many customers, and still have repeat business back from the early days! The founder of Synth Restore - Adrian Dolente - is still repairing & servicing those classic synths, though much of his time is now involved with the building of his own ZV-10 synthesizer.

We hope to continue with the services we have offered previously, and thank all of the customers throughout the years, who've had good business dealings with us. 

AR-57 at Synth Restore
Future projects?

There are many projects in the early stages, but bringing those to a working (and commercial) aspect, take time. There aren't always enough hours in the day - but we will keep this website updated, so drop by from time to time - you're most welcome!

Cassettes at Synth Restore

There are many audio demo's on this website hosted on our SoundCloud account.
At some point we'll have a dedicated page featuring more music, much of which is created using some of our custom builds.

Vics at Synth Restore

If you think there are items we should be considering to add to the shop, or even a suggestion for a better browsing experience, please do get in touch we would be interested to hear what you have to say!

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