Aurora AR-57 synthesizer

The Aurora AR-57 has been around in various forms over the last few years. Firstly, the pre-production models were called the AR1, which had 2-pole low and high pass filters, and OTA oscillators. There was briefly an AR51, but the only difference was a panel layout. The up to date version AR-57 has the same features, but now uses a 4-pole low/high pass filter, transistor based oscillators, military spec. components, plus Germanium transistors for the mixing circuitry.

AR-57 synth available at Synth Restore

UK PRICE 1599 GBP (as of Sept 2023)
• 3 transistor-based VCO's, offering saw, square and triangle waveforms.
• Pulse width control for VCO 1 (manual & LFO).
• VCO 2 & 3 have sub oscillators (making a total of 5 tone sources).
• 24dB low pass and high pass filter.
• Modulation (LFO) selection =  all VCO's, or pulse width, or filter, or all VCO & filter together.
• LFO has fully mixable tri, saw, square, random & 'pattern' waveforms.
• VCO 3 'low' mode, can operate as a separate LFO for filter mod.
• Unique 'pattern' mode LFO waveform can create riffs & arpeggio's. 

All sales for the AR-57 are on a pre-order basis (pre-paid), with a turnaround time of 2 months.
If you wish to purchase an AR-57, please email for availability. Hear the synthesizer in featured tracks, below.

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