ARP 4034 filter at Synth Restore

ARP sub modules

Here at Synth restore we manufacture ARP sub module equivalents, that are used in many ARP synthesizers.
You will find a list of the modules we supply on the SHOP page, and you can purchase them, all as ready-assembled units.

Please, however - we do not supply the long PCB pins used to connect the boards to the main PCB. A short piece of 1mm diameter solid core wire will suffice, with no issues.

ARP synthesizers

Some of the ARP synthesizers that our modules can be installed in.
ARP Odyssey at Synth Restore
ARP Odyssey

The Odyssey is probably the most popular ARP synth, with three distinct versions being available.

ARP 2600 at Synth Restore
ARP 2600

The monster modular used by film maker & composer John Carpenter. Also, George Duke played the keyboard slung on with a strap!

ARP Quadra at Synth Restore
ARP Quadra

The Quadra - the straw that broke ARP's back!
However, it's still a worthy synth, and is a 'compendium' of some of ARP's synth circuits.

ADL 3200 at Synth Restore

We have designed and built a custom modular using (almost exclusively) ARP sub modules. News about it's progress will be listed on the website.

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