Juno 106 at Synth Restore

JN800 voice chips

As you may be aware, the Roland Juno 106 (fabulous as it is) has an Achilles heel. That being the original voice chips which tend to suffer from overheating, leading to crackling noises, and sometimes dead voices.
Our solution is the JN800, and is a clone of the original circuit - though in a slightly larger format, which presents no problems in installation.

JN800 chips at Synth restore

Keeping the Juno 106 alive

As you can see from the image, the chips are bigger than the originals, but there is a reason - well actually, a few!

Firstly, the chips are manufactured using standard size components, which means they do not require a microscope (!) to rework or service.
Secondly,  because these are socketed, they can be used in custom projects for synths or modulars. *Purchase a set in our SHOP.
*We offer a FREE installation & calibration, once a purchase has been made.

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