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Back by popular demand, is our synths for sale page. However, we are introducing some entry-level items that are more reasonably priced under £500.

All items are serviced, and waranteed for 60 days, and can be demonstrated and collected in person.

Our prices are deemed to be reasonable, given the fact that all equipment is checked fully and are working.


Siel Orchestra 2









Description: Siel Orchestra 2, paraphonic synthesizer (fully polyphonic, all notes). The synth is semi-preset, with some manual controls, and a very nice chorus/flanger. Despite it's simplicity, this synth can give the ARP Solina, and Moog Opus 3 string synths, a good run for their money. Sounds amazing through a phaser!

No MIDI, or cv/gate controls - it's strictly a 'players' synth.

Condition: Good to fair. Some minor crazing to the paint, but all of the printing is complete. All functions operate as they should.

Price £ 495


Moog Rogue









Description: A cracking little mono synth - really punchy, and even puts the Moog Prodigy to shame, with an auto trigger, plus a random sample & hold LFO waveform. Can easily be controlled by cv/gate, or with a MIDI /cv converter.

Condition: Good to fair. Some minimal wear, but all complete, and works as it should. PSU included (new equivalent).

Price £ 475


Kawai 100p









Description: This little beauty even surprised me! The filter is very nice ( a discrete transistor ladder type) Extremely fast, zippy envelope generator, and some really odd modulation routing, making for some complex sounds. Apparently, Vince Clarke used one in his early career..........

Condition: Good to fair. All working, but has substituted new caps, and rotary dial.

Price £ 450




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