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Back by popular demand..... is our synths for sale page.

All items are serviced, and warranteed for 60 days, and can be demonstrated and collected in person.

Our prices are deemed to be reasonable, given the fact that all equipment is checked fully and working.

ITEM (available now)
Boss DR-55 Nice little basic 1980's beat-box! Good condition, with new panel label (plus a spare!) £150
ARP Odyssey MKIII Orange & black version (original) Fully working, great condition. £1499
Kawai 100f Beefy single VCO synth - (Vince Clarke's 1st owned synth) SOLD
Teisco 60f uite a rare Japanese synth, and pretty powerful.SOLD
Elektronika ME26 Vocoder & strings, fully working with case.Very nice condition.£350


Here are some items that are currently under service and/or restoration. These will be listed for sale, with a price, when they are available.


ITEM (soon)
Korg Poly 61 Programmable poly synth - simple, yet powerful!
EDP Wasp The 2 VCO Wasp packs a punch (or is that a sting?) with some nice filter combinations.
Moog Polymoog Keyboard version (with the Vox Humana strings).





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