ZV-10 synthesizer

Introducing the ZV-10 the 3 VCO analogue 'artisan-style' synthesizer, manufactured by Harpur Instruments (at Synth Restore).

It has 37 full size keys, with CV and Gate inputs for external control. There is also a unique modulation matrix feature, that lets all of the VCO's react with each other. The simple panel layout and small size of this instrument, hide the fact it can create some extrememly powerful sounds and complex FX (only available on modular synths or patch matrix synths.) 

ZV-10 synth available at Synth Restore

UK PRICE 649 GBP (as of Sept 2023)

• 3 OTA-based VCO's, offering saw, square and triangle waveforms (see panel for combinations)
• VCO 3 can act as an LFO source for VCO 1+2
• VCO 1,2 & 3 free wide-range tuning 
• Filter can (also) be modulated by VCO 3 pitch
• Lowpass & Notch 2-pole filter
• Unique mod.matrix, allows all VCO's to react with each other
• Echo with time & regeneration (feedback) controls

All sales for the ZV-10 are on a pre-order basis (pre-paid), with a turnaround time of 2 months.
If you wish to purchase a ZV-10, please email for availability. Hear the synthesizer in featured tracks, below.

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